how to make 14k tr on new alt

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how to make 14k tr on new alt Empty how to make 14k tr on new alt

Post by Haytham on Thu Aug 27, 2009 12:25 am

Hi sup members? do u want to get 14k on new acc immediatly?
Follow the instruction here...

•1. Sign up for a new account

•2. Sign in

•3. Choose a new IGN

•4. Choose any character you like

•5. Do the tutorial

•6. Do ALL the missions, you should get 11,000 TR

•7. Now go outside, and click "Guide"

•8. Do the missions and stop when you are up to the mission that says you have to buy something

•9. On that mission, go to accessory in the shop

•10. Buy the USA T-SHIRT Arounds (Cost 700TR)

•11. Do the rest of the missions.

•12. Now you'll have 14k tr.

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